Chemtrails Captured on NWS Doppler Weather Radar: Empirical Proof of Spray Ops


Notice the linear clouds in the examples above. These artificial clouds could only be related to jet aircraft and are not natural cloud formations.

Examples of Chemtrail Spray Ops Captured on NWS Doppler Radar - How else can you form linear clouds ??

The links above images open movie files (.avi ) of Doppler Radar captures by clicking the date link.

Upper Atmosphere Data is accessed by clicking Weather Data link.

Surface Weather Observations are included to show that the bright orange and red streaks are not rain clouds. The Precipitation Data is on far right of collumns of the data window and is shown as PR 6 and PR 24 hrs.)


 Phoenix 02/03/06 movie       Weather Data                           San Diego 11/18/2004      Weather Data

Surface Weather Observations (for precipitation occurrence)         Surface Weather Observations (for Precip)


 Phoenix: 02/16/06                      Weather Data                      Phoenix 02/17/2005            Weather Data

Surface Weather Observations (for Precip)                                 Surface Weather Observations (for Precip)


Phoenix 10/23/2005              Weather Data                           Phoenix 12/08/2005                  Weather Data

Surface Weather Observations (for Precip)                          Surface Weather Observations (for Precip)


Phoenix 01/26/2005                Weather Data                          San Diego  05/04/2005          Weather Data

Surface Weather Observations                                                    Surface Weather Observations 


Discussion and References related to Chemtrail Activity Detected on Doppler Radar

1. Operational Doppler Weather Radar CAN NOT DETECT CIRRUS CLOUDS let alone aircraft contrails.

Current research on Cirrus Clouds and Contrails requires the utilization of high intensity lasers or LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)



Jet Contrail Studies Using Polarization Lidar

Cirrus and contrail observations by a mobile Lidar system

Contrail properties derived from high-resolution polarization lidar studies  Here is a great quote from the abstract for this article: "What distinguishes these contrails from natural cirrus is their tendency to remain thin (∼50500 m), and to generate strong laser backscattering and depolarization, often along with solar coronas, even an hour or more after formation".  What they are saying is that the aircraft contrails exhibit much different properties than expected from normal cirrus clouds and the contrails have very strong laser signatures ( In other words ...its not water vapor from the jet exhaust forming the cirrus clouds).

2. The radar return signal strength (Dbz levels) shown on the left side of the radar captures indicate that light rainfall is occurring, yet no precipitation was recorded during the time period in question. In all of the examples the Doppler radar is operating in clear air mode, not precipitation mode. THIS IS CONSISTENT WITH THE FINDINGS OF OTHER RESEARCHERS THAT THE CHEMTRAILS ARE PARTIALLY COMPOSED OF HIGHLY REFLECTIVE MATERIALS SUCH AS BARIUM, ALUMINUM AND OTHER METALLIC COMPOUNDS. (REFERENCES )

Clear Air / Precip Modes                                                                                                                                                                                          


The dBZ values increase as the strength of the signal returned to the radar increases. Each reflectivity image you see includes one of two color scales. One scale (far left) represents dBZ values when the radar is in clear air mode (dBZ values from -28 to +28). The other scale (near left) represents dBZ values when the radar is in precipitation mode (dBZ values from 5 to 75). Notice the color on each scale remains the same in both operational modes, only the values change. The value of the dBZ depends upon the mode the radar is in at the time the image was created.

The scale of dBZ values is also related to the intensity of rainfall. Typically, light rain is occurring when the dBZ value reaches 20.  The linear clouds in the examples above show Dbz levels close to or well above the 20 Dbz level.

Link to NWS Doppler Weather Radar Info    

Research Paper Link: Cirrus cloud detection using vertically pointing Doppler Radar

Quote from the paper "The majority of cirrus observations recorded during this period occurred at temperatures between -35 C and -45 C and had reflectivities between -26 and -33 DbZe."  That is MINUS -26 Dbz - the reflectivity values on the Chemtrails observed in the radar captures are PLUS 16 to 28 Dbz



3. The angle of the horizon scanning Doppler radar is too low to detect contrails directly overhead (yet that is what we see in nearly every example).)

4. The upper atmosphere data that correlates to the date and time of most of the Doppler images indicate that conditions for persistent contrail formation are not present in the atmospheric profile.  (LINK)

Some Additional References and Comments:

It is interesting to note (actually unbelievable) that some of the comments from the research papers referred on this page indicate that the scientists do not believe what their data is telling them !! That what they are observing in the data is NOT WATER VAPOR !! Instead they choose to "adjust the models" to fit their own reality rather than question why the data does not fit their theory.

A study of contrail spreading over the Great Lakes   Quote from the papers conclusions section: " The preliminary analyses of the contrail outbreak shown here reveal a clear case of relative humidities that exceed ice saturation at flight level over a area where no natural cirrus were forming over the course of the day. These results demonstrate the need for some adjustment to the RHI fields from numerical weather prediction models....More studies are necessary to conclusively determine the magnitude of this adjustment. Applying an RHI adjustment, however, should bring theory and observations into closer agreement. "

Another Quote "Several of the contrails are well matched to individual flights, although some trails cannot be well matched due to the presence of military flights

and limitations in the flight advection/matching scheme."

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